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Article - 2011 0610 Real vs Imaginary


OK City Bombing - Unexploded Bombs

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City _ Part 1 of 2(1).mp4

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture; Oklahoma City _ Part 2 of 2(1).mp4

Labyrinth of Truth 06 Order out of Chaos.avi

Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations

Proof of NWO from George Bush SR New World Order.mp4


First beast of Revelation 13: the Vatican (1)

Catholic Inquisition and The Torture Tools by Former Priest Richard Bennett


Article - 2012 0218 Look at the Whole Board


The CFR Controls American News/Media

LaRouche on Alex Jones · February 10, 2012

TWW - Look at the whole board.mp4


Article - 2012 0305 Have YOU Been Properly Dramatized?


Rahm Emanuel: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste


Article - 2012 0307 Queen for a Day, Drama Queen That Is


the beginning of sorrows PROPHECY HAS NOW BEGUN 2011 (WARNING contains some graphic images)


Article - 2012 1102 Banned Again for "No Reason was Specified"


The CFR Controls American News Media

CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975)

George Bush Sr New World Order Speech Sept 11. 1991

KTLA News_ New Pursuit Technology - Eureka Aerospace.mp4

Never Get Lost Again - OnStar FMV Mirror Review.mp4

Powers of Ten™ (1977).mp4

UNITED STATES is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions - Sovereignty.mp4

Water Powered Car


Article - 2012 1113 The Power of Doing Nothing


Republican National Convention 2004 G.O.P.mp4

The Soviet Story

Classic Movie Lines .mp4

The Beginning of Sorrows


Article - 2012 1229 Random, But Important Information


Could $1 trillion coin solve debt crisis.mp4

Robocops to patrol LA by 2025.mp4


Article - 2013 0426 The Enforcers Are Destroying America


4,000 Manchester College students locked down as SWAT teams look for CCW; Cops s.mp4

Its official_ LAPD declares murder suspect Christopher Dorner a Domestic Terrori.mp4

Police shoot dozens of rounds at innocent women driving vehicle similar to manhu.mp4

Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Shooting.mp4

SWAT team with guns drawn kicks Watertown residents from their home.mp4


Article - 2013 0801 "Your Money and Liar's Poker"


The 501(c)(3) controls your Church.mp4


Article - 2013 0802 Brainwashing and Conformity 101


Asch Conformity Experiment

Conan O'Brien Fully Exposes Mainstream Media.mp4

Moon Landing Hoax - Conspiracy Theory.mp4

Prudential_ Everybody's Doing It.mp4

Feature Film - The Stanford Prison Experiment (Documentary).mp4

CNN Hologram TV.mp4

Federation of Light - UFO Cloud Ships.mp4

Police State Too Much Send in a Marine.mp4


Article - 2013 0901 When will the 'Aliens' Start Landing?


Firefighters training for Enemy UFO Attack.mp4


Article - 2013 0907 If You Are NOT a Christian, You have NO Rights


Abortion_ Today's Silent Holocaust.mp4

Second beast of Revelation 13_ the United States (1)(1).mp4


Article - 2014 0728 "Laws and Children's Games"


Antony Sutton - Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution Part 1.flv.mp4

Antony Sutton - Wall Street & Bolshevik Revolution Part 2.flv.mp4

I'm Spartacus (Ext. Length).mp4

Voting machine vote-rigging backdoor exposed.mp4


Article - 2014 0804 "Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye"


America _ Is being invaded by the Chinese from the wide open Southern Border (Ju.mp4

American Flag Flies Away During Gold Medal Ceremony Serena Williams 2012 UK Summ.mp4

American Soldiers in Russian Military Parade.mp4


Austin police chief apologizes for remark about a jogger's arrest.mp4

Banned US Commercial about the national debt.mp4

China - Hell March - the largest army in the world - FULL (Official).mp4

China Goes Bargain-Hunting in Detroit #N3.mp4

Chinese Charity_ Mandarin tycoon throws fancy dinner, cash to NY homeless.mp4

Chinese e-commerce companies flock to US for IPOs.mp4

Chinese hacking takes real toll on U.S.mp4

Colorado Chiefs of Police Visit Afghan National Police.mp4

Detroit's humanitarian crisis_thousands left without water.mp4

FEMALE SWAT TEAM IN CHINA - The Worlds First All Female Swat Team.mp4

First Beast NWO_ the Vatican calls for a one world economic order.mp4

First beast of Revelation 13_ the Vatican (1).mp4

Hostages, choppers & mass-martial arts at China anti-terror drill showcase.mp4

Inkjet Printable Greeting Card Introduction Video.mp4

Marines drink cobra blood in Thailand military drill.mp4

NATO New World Order Global Army.mp4

Naval drill to strengthen ties with US.mp4

New notes for new slaves.mp4

Okinawa mayor protests construction of new Marine Corp airbase.mp4

Pacifist Constitution Japan moves to restore military might.mp4

Russia U.S U.K anti-terrorism alliance [ Russian Forces Training for go to Iraq .mp4

Russia, China pledge closer ties as joint military drills begin.mp4


Sold to China_ US electric car company purchased by Chinese billionaire.mp4

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know - Alchemy.mp4

Top Chinese general visiting the US.mp4

US military quietly training entire world.mp4


Article - 2016 1018 Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet?


George Bush New World Order.mp4

Supreme Court Rules Same Sex Marriage Legal


Article - 2016 1205 Lions and Tigers and China, Oh My!


Alex Jones is an Absolute Sellout 100% Proof (Redsilverj).mp4

Las Vegas-Beijing direct.mp4


Article - 2017 0107 The "War on Drugs" is a War on America


Americans Have No Idea They're At War With These Five Countries.mp4

LAPD begins new task force to stop street racing.mp4

Ronald Reagan was Red Ronnie in Disguise - Gary Richard Arnold.mp4

The Fast and the Furious Official Trailer #1 - (2001) HD(1).mp4


Article - 2017 0120 Reasons to Distrust the Police


Controversial dashcam video released in police excessive force case.mp4

Cop's View On The Choke Hold Controversy.mp4

NYPD cops choke man to death.mp4


Article - 2017 0205 Government Paid Crisis Actors


VIDEO_ Brutal Arrest Raises Questions Of Excessive Force.mp4

Fake video testimonials_ Inside the world of fake reviews (CBC Marketplace).mp4

Stu Seagall Strategic Operations Video Business Card.mp4


Article - 2017 0207 Arizona is "Dog Training" Drivers


Changes coming to Arizona driver's license tests; traffic stop protocol expected.mp4

What to do if you're pulled over in Arizona.mp4

The Medieval Trebuchet.mp4

Catapult The Propaganda For The Truth To Sink In(1).mp4


Article - 2017 0312 UPDATE: Reasons to Distrust the Police


Guards that Beat Fan are then Beaten by More Fans.mp4

Marines drink cobra blood in Thailand military drill.mp4

Taming cobras and drinking their blood, US marines learn to survive in the jungl.mp4

Revealed_ US military footprint covers 75% of countries on Earth.mp4


Article - 2017 0324 The Rise of the Warrior Cop


Israeli Soldier's Explosive Tell-All_ Palestinians are Right to Resist.mp4

20080729 SWAT Team honored for raiding wrong house.mp4

John Stossel - Rise Of The Warrior Cop.mp4

No-knock SWAT raid leaves Texas father dead, family traumatized.mp4

Victim of a No-Knock SWAT Raid Speaks Out - Murfreesboro, TN.mp4


Article - 2017 0411 Thug Sheriff and His Gang Just Threatened All of Us


Evolution of the Police State (Then & Now).mp4

'We are coming for you. Run.' - FL Sheriff delivers message to drug dealers.mp4

I-17 near Flagstaff reopens after carjacking, shooting.mp4

Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard Of Oz.mp4

Hells Bells 2_ Foundations for Cultural Analysis (1 of 8)(1).mp4

What Happened to Our Children _ MIRROR.mp4


Article - 2017 0420 California is "Dog Training" Drivers Too


Local Group Gives Tips To People With Autism On How To Calmly Deal With Police S.mp4

Kentucky cop shoots unarmed man immediately after demanding suspect to show his .mp4


Article - 2017 0526 Confusing and Conflicting Police Actions


Police looking for man that impersonated a Phoenix officer recently.mp4

DPS raises $30,000 for Special Olympics Arizona.mp4

20080729 SWAT Team honored for raiding wrong house.mp4

Dad speaks out for son charged with shooting cops.mp4

Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide.mp4


Article - 2017 0528 "Hate Crimes"? "Blue Lives Matter"? Seriously???


States beginning to pass Blue Lives Matter laws.mp4

Should anti-cop violence be considered a hate crime.mp4


Article - 2017 0702 Military and Police 'Interoperability' is the Goal of JOINT Training


The Dark Intentions of Public Schooling.mp4

Heavily armed police and federal agents search Watertown homes.mp4

Officers Pull Off Largest Gang Takedown In San Jacinto History.mp4

John F Kennedy's bodyguards being told to stay away from JFK.mp4

Illinois State Police Get Drones

A Few Good Men - Fight for People.mp4


Article - 2017 0923 Huntington Beach Police Chief Defends Murder of Suspect


Police Chief Defends Officer's Actions In Huntington Beach Shooting Death.mp4

Officer Involved Huntington Beach Shooting.mp4


Article - 2017 1017 Good Cops. Bad Cops. How to tell the difference.


Belen Police Department (Taser Used,Man with Knife).mp4

VIDEO_ Belen officer uses Taser on knife-wielding man.mp4

Body camera video shows encounter between police and 5 black teens in Michigan.mp4

Cops Shoot Man Holding Gun With Arms Raised.mp4


Article - 2017 1022 Desperation is in the Air. Can You Feel It?

Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

Dark Intentions of Public Schooling



Article - 2017 1117 The "Dog Training" of Drivers Continues. It's COVERT Warfare.

Comply don't die when confronted by police during a traffic stop.mp4

Why does the US have 800 military bases around the world.mp4

Revealed_ US military footprint covers 75% of countries on Earth.mp4

Arrow 1.04- Part 13.mp4

Hans Christian Andersen (1952) - The King's New Clothes Scene (1_10) _ Movieclip.mp4

The Matrix - Red dress scene.mp4

Article - 2018 0307  Was the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida another Hoax?


Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting


Article - 2018 0320 FALSE Preachers and Their Lies of Omission


Parkland survivor on gun reform: 'We maybe scored a point in a game'

The Ecumenical Movement - Pope Benedict and Religious Leaders

pdf files:

List of countries by number of television stations


Article - 2018 0324 FALSE Preachers and Their Lies of Omission - part 2


The business empire Billy Graham leaves behind

The 501(c)(3) controls your Church

pdf files:

Pope: Only One "True" Church
By John Kreiser/ AP/ July 10, 2007, 9:31 AM

Catholics are once again embracing meatless Fridays


Article: 2018 1213 - HEROIC Miami Beach Florida Police Officer Frederick Dominguez


Miami Beach officer turns in video of fellow cop punching man.mp4

President John F. Kennedy Speech on Secret Society.mp4

No charges against officers who punched man at Mesa apartment.mp4

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams responds to New York Times report on officer-.mp4

Anger Management (1_8) Movie CLIP - Rage on a Plane (2003) HD.mp4

Do Not Resist



Article: 2018 1222 Mr. Carson Shuts Down the USA Government for a Border Wall



President Trump '666' Hand Signs __ The Greatest Coincidence Ever - Trump Inaugu.mp4


Article - 2019 0115 Here is an Example of How Brainwashing Works


Obama Civilian Security

Officer killed during traffic stop on Scottsdale freeway

RAW VIDEO: Brother remembers fallen Salt River Police Officer Clayton Townsend

Loop 101 reopened in Glendale after deadly crash

pdf files:

Salt River officer fatally struck during traffic stop on Loop 101 identified

Chatham Soldier Promoted to Brigadier General

Illinois Guardsmen conduct team-building exercise for state troopers.


Article - 2019 0201 The Anatomy of a BAD Police Shooting in Tempe, Arizona


Tempe PD released radio traffic of Arce officer-involved shooting.mp4

Tempe PD released body camera of Arce officer-involved shooting.mp4

Tempe police_ Suspect fatally shot by officer was 14.mp4

NOW_ Update from Tempe PD on 14-year-old suspect shot and killed by police.mp4

NOW_ Update from Tempe PD on 14-year-old suspect shot and killed by police.mp4

HPOU President Gamaldi_ 'We are sick and tired of having targets on our back'.mp4

Article - 2019 0210 The Police ARE Your Enemy. Do You Understand Yet?


Body cam shows police officers tasering man 11 TIMES.mp4

RAW VIDEO_ Man tased 11 times by Glendale police officers during traffic stop.mp4

Students evacuated from Florida high school following shooting.mp4

SWAT team with guns drawn kicks Watertown residents from their home.mp4

MTV Think Martial Law Commercials - National Defense Authorization Act (S. 1867)(2).mp4

Toddler emerges from truck with her hands up as she walks towards police.mp4

pdf file:

ABC15 Investigations abuse of force